AccuCaliber™ Gun Barrel Steels

Gerdau’s AccuCaliber™ series of premium gun barrel steels are produced through a unique rotary casting process. This process provides superior performance for gun barrel drilling, reaming and machining, as well as less distortion to the gun drilled surface. AccuCaliber™ steels offer the optimum combination of strength, toughness, machinability, residual stress and dimensional control.

Product Information


- Available in all Gerdau produced bar diameters and lengths



- MIL-B_11595E Grades: Chrome-Moly-Vanadium, ORD 4150, and ORD 4150 Resulferized

- ASTM A29 / ASTM A108 Grades: 41V45, 4140, 1137, 4130, and 1155

- All other carbon and alloy ASTM grades and customized SBQ chemistries, including bearing and aircraft quality


Heat Treating

- AccuCaliber™ steels can be produced to specific requirements, including quench and temper, normalize, and stress relieve.



- 100% automated ultrasonic and magnetic flux leakage testing


Other Attributes

- 100% made in the USA

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