Steering Rack Blanks

Gerdau’s Huntington facility offers the only complete steering rack blank production line in North America. Utilizing specialized quench and tempering, inspection, cutting and packaging capabilities, Gerdau produces precision engineered cut blanks with tight TIR controls by a combination of close dimensional turned and polished surface plus superior straightening capability. In addition, Gerdau can prepare both ends of each piece with precise perpendicularity, bar centering and end drilling capability. Each bar blank is robotically placed into customer designed packaging containers for easy use in their facilities.

Product Information


- Diameter from 0.925” to 1.5”

- Lengths from  8” to 72.5”

- Inquire for other diameters and lengths



- Typical grades include: 10V50, 10B50, 1045M, and 37Cr4

- Carbon and alloy ASTM grades and customized SBQ chemistries, including bearing and aircraft quality


Heat Treating

- Steering rack blank steels are typically quench and tempered and stress-relieve annealed

- Gerdau also offers a full range of in-house heat treating capabilities prior to or after cutting, including spheroidizing, normalizing, and any customized heat treat cycles



- Automated full dimensional laser inspection available on each cut blank

- A final check for any surface lineal defects and grade verification is made using circograph technology


Other Attributes

- Automated specialized packaging to fit customer needs

- Specialized individual bar labeling, including DMC (data matrix codes)

- Additional end conditions, including machine chamfer and precision end drills

- Bump straighten individual pieces to precise TIR compliance

- Inline rust preventative spray

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