Camshaft Blanks

Gerdau specializes in producing MACPRIME® camshaft blanks for gasoline and diesel motors used in automotive vehicles and heavy trucks. Our facilities produce SBQ steel bars precut to customers' exact dimensional specifications. Gerdau’s camshaft blanks are 100% dimensionally inspected and robotically packaged into customer specific containers.

Product Information

- Diameter from 7/8” to 6” 
- Lengths ranging from 3/8” to 60” (inquire for other lengths) 


- Carbon and alloy ASTM grades and customized SBQ chemistries, including bearing and aircraft quality 


Heat Treating 
- Full range of in-house heat treating capabilities prior to or after cutting, including spheroidizing, normalizing, stress relieving, annealing, quench and tempering, and any customized heat treat cycles 


- Automated full dimensional inspection available on each cut blank
- In-house automatic straightening, surface and ultrasonic internal inspection


Other Attributes
- Automated specialized packaging to fit customer needs 
- Additional end conditions, including machine chamfer and precision end drills

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